Mold Prevention from Water Damage Caused by Burst Pipes

Preventive measures, like water damage cleanup, must be taken when the home is flooded. The water damage at home or in your business establishment is going to cost you more if it is left unattended. Structural damage and mold growth are your two main concerns once there is excessive water inside of your home. Technicians use professional methods to remove moldafter they have dried up the water damage. Your pipes at home should be checked from time to time to know if repairs are needed.


On areas that have cold weather, flood damage cleanup is a service that is popular. This is due to the fact that the cold weather causes the pipes to freeze. It expands the pressure and cracks the pipes. Some of these areas that have pipes include the basement, the crawlspace garage and the attic. These pipes will gradually fill your home with water if not fixed immediately. The water damage can also lead to a more serious problem; mold growth. Mold thrives on areas that are wet, and your home has ample moisture that's enough to let mold grow due to the water problem.


Help keep your pipes damage free during cool days using these methods:

Mold Prevention

Your thermostat


One of the ways to prevent water damage on your pipes is by not lowering your thermostat at night. During extreme weather, you need to keep the temperature the same during the day and at night. If there is a water supply that's found in your garage, close the door of the garage. Open the kitchen cabinets to allow warm air to circulate. In instances wherein the weather is freezing cold outside, allow the cool water from the faucet to drip.


Deal with frozen pipes


You can avoid water damage repair if you open the faucet when there are frozen pipes. Once you've located frozen pipes, try to apply heat with the use of an electric heating pad. You can wrap it around the frozen pipe. You can also use a hair dryer to make the ice melt. Take caution while using an electric heating pad; don't let it make contact with water. Once the pipe is treated and some of the ice begins to melt, water can flow through the are that is frozen. Always try to check your faucets at home if water is flowing; if not, there is possibility that you have more frozen pipes.


Keep your home warm while you're away


Both water damage restoration and mold remediation are inevitable if you have a home that's filled with water. If you are planning on leaving for a vacation during the winter, keep the heat level at 55 degrees. By doing that, your home remains warm. Thus, you can avoid having frozen pipes that can lead to water intrusion. Notify your neighbor that you will be away so that they can check on your home. Tell them that if there are any damage to the pipes, they should call you immediately.


Worst case scenario


If it reaches to a point that you sorely need water damage remediation, contact a mold removal company. By hiring a mold removal company, you can be assured that both the water problem and potential growth of mold will be taken care of.


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