Common Professional Methods in Mold Removal

Mold removal companies, like NYMoldPro Mold Removal, receive calls from homeowners almost everyday because a lot of homes have molds. The growth of molds at the workplace also urges professionals to remove molds in business establishments. In homes, there are owners that do the mold removal process by themselves. Take note that this can only be done if the mold growth is manageable. One thing that would indicate mold growth in your home is allergies. If a person starts to suffer allergies for no apparent reason, then it's almost certain that molds are growing in your home.

Restoration of your home can be costly once molds start to make their way to your house. It is better to call in professionals if the growth of molds is alarming. The first thing that professional mold removal companies would do is to conduct inspection and air testing. They would find areas that have moisture. They would then determine how much work is required to stop pesky molds. They will give you a report on the remediation process.

Mold Removal Methods


Here are the common professional methods when removing molds at home:


Dry Ice Blast Cleaning


You can stop molds by using dry ice. Companies have a method wherein small hard pellets of dry ice, with the size of rice shooting, is put inside of a jet nozzle that has compressed air. The temperature of the dry ice that is used is usually around -109.3°F or -78.5°C. The machine is pointed right at the area wherein molds are growing. Dry ice is then blasted from the nozzle. Porous materials and areas that are made from wood are usually where dry ice is blasted.


Dry Fog


This type of method is done by creating a fog that is similar to natural fog. The dry fog is then used on areas that are affected by molds. Professionals do precautionary methods so that the fog will not harm anyone. It also enhances the quality of the air, as it saps mold spores that are present in the air. It is slightly less expensive compared to other remediation methods.




This is a common machine used when removing molds inside of the home. Even those homeowners who do the remediation process themselves use vacuums. Professionals have special vacuums that can suck in molds and any formation of molds in different areas of the home. They even have wet vacuums that are used to ensure that wet areas are dry. Molds tend to grow on areas that have moisture. If moisture is no longer present, molds cannot grow. Some use HEPA vacuums to ensure that molds are properly removed.


Damp Wipe


One of the simpler methods in mold removal is damp wipe. This is done by wiping out the mold from porous surfaces by using detergent that is poured in water that has disinfectant. The surface that is wet is then wiped so that moisture will not be left behind. Homeowners can d such method, provided that the mold growth is not that bad.


With everything considered, professional mold removal is necessary when dealing with mold growths. Failure to eliminate molds immediately can cause harm to the health of individuals that are in your home.


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