Are There Molds in Your Workplace?

Molds can practically grow anywhere because they are part of the environment. Even the workplace is not safe from molds. Of course, the first step in mold removal is of course, finding it. The sad part about growth of molds at the workplace is that the productivity of an employee or the team will be hindered. A well-oiled machine can not properly function if there are pieces that aren't working. When that happens, the operation of the workplace takes a hit. A workplace usually has a larger number of people compared to the home. More people can possibly get sick because of exposure to molds. They are considered as the most common indoor pollutants.

Molds actually play a vital part in the environment, when they are outdoors. If they are present indoors, they are a threat to the health of everybody inside, especially to those who have weak immune systems. They can grow on any substance if the condition is right and moisture is present. The workplace is no different to that statement. They are probably hovering around your workplace right now. You won't really know if the mold spores are there because they are so small that they can't be seen without magnification. Excessive exposure to them can affect the health of employees. There are measures on how to determine if there are molds and how they can be removed. Read below to find out:

Molds are everywhere.


Are you exposed to them?

If there are people that get sick in the workplace, molds may be the cause of it. If there are cases of respiratory problems among the workers inside of the building, then you have to start to be suspicious about it. Most people have allergic reactions or asthma attacks when they are exposed to molds. Respiratory problems aren't the only health symptoms that are prompted by molds. Others, such as nausea, dizziness and headache, are also associated with mold exposure.

How to know if there are molds at the workplace

There are a lot of ways for you to know if there are molds in the workplace. Before you make any sort of action, the first thing that you need to do is check if there are molds at the workplace. Since molds grow because of moisture, check if there are stuff at the workplace that have been damaged because of moisture. If there are materials that have been wet for more than 48 hours, it likely will be a nice place for molds to grow on. If there are musty smells in the workplace and you can't seem to find them, molds are probably starting to grow in areas that are hidden, such as the ceiling and the walls. If you see discoloration on the areas of the building and there are fuzzy spots that have appeared, you have molds in your workplace. 
Report the problem

After you've learned that indeed molds are growing in the workplace, you should report it immediately to your boss. There are methods on how to remove molds from the workplace. They are as follows:

Mold investigation – there is a process involved when a mold-removal company tests for the presence of molds in the workplace. They take samples and evaluate what type of mold it is. They can send you a report on the degree of danger that it brings to people at home and how they are going to remove it.

Mold remediation – professionals have the necessary knowledge and equipment that are needed to remove molds. They are going to remove the molds, disinfect the areas and even clean the air-conditioning system. They can give your boss the go signal right after the process is done and the area is safe to work in.

Mold Prevention – after they've finished their work, professionals are to give insights and details on the mold problem in the workplace. They are going to give advice on how to prevent molds from coming back to the prone areas. They are going to ask your boss to fix the areas that have weak plumbing so that moisture is avoided.


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